Why Simply Ice Cream will never be ultra-processed.

The low-down on Ultra-Processed

Ultra-processed foods are a hot topic right now, with lots of health experts and dieticians citing them as having a real negative impact on long (and short) term health. In his bestselling book Ultra-Processed People – Doctor Chris van Tulleken states that ‘food engineered by corporations with additives and emulsifiers and modified starches essentially “hacks our brains”, disrupting the normal regulation of appetite. It tricks us into eating more by being softer, slicker, saltier, sweeter than whole foods and it is that trillion-dollar fact, his evidence suggests, which is driving the obesity epidemic.’

Ultimately, we’re not consuming genuinely nutritious foods that contribute to functions within the body and keep us fuller for longer. The convenience food market has a lot to answer for, but what is the alternative in a fast-paced world where the default is to ‘grab and go’?


What are ultra processed foods?

Senior Dietitian at the British Heart Foundation defines ultra processed foods as ‘foods that typically have more than one ingredient that you never or rarely find in a kitchen. They also tend to include many additives and ingredients that are not typically used in home cooking, such as preservatives, emulsifiers, sweeteners, and artificial colours and flavours. These foods generally have a long shelf life.’

Common ultra-processed foods include fizzy drinks, packaged snacks, sweets and chocolate, biscuits, cakes and…ice cream! At Simply Ice Cream we’ve been going against the ultra-processed grain for the last 15 years. Our ice cream is made with only natural ingredients, and we don’t include any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. If you look at our ingredients list you could probably make most of our ice cream flavours in your own kitchen!


Impacts of Ultra-Processed Food

Startlingly, a study from the BMJ (British Medical Journal) found that 57% of the average UK diet is made up of UPF. This can jump to 80% for those on lower incomes. The impact of this is harmful effects on our health and wellbeing. Experts found that “Greater exposure to ultra-processed food was associated with a higher risk of adverse health outcomes, especially cardiometabolic, common mental disorders and mortality outcomes”.


Simply Ice Cream only use minimal, natural ingredients.

Sally Newall, founder of Simply Ice Cream, says “The brand stemmed from my catering work almost 15 years ago. I have always cooked from scratch and started making my own ice cream for wedding events and functions. The feedback was very positive and before I knew it, I was making lots of extra ice cream for friends and family who couldn’t get enough of it! From there I took the leap to start my own business and we now make over 30 flavours of ice cream by hand at our production kitchen in Kent and are stocked in over 450 outlets in the Southeast.”

Simply Ice Cream source their dairy from local producers, and their fruit from Kent farms (when it’s in season). Their Heavenly Honeycomb is made on site before being smashed and swirled through their creamy ice cream and their festive Gingerbread flavour is made using Sally’s own secret Gingerbread recipe!


What does this mean for the future of confectionery?

We believe putting products under the microscope is only a good thing – for artisan producers like us and for peace of mind for the end consumer. Natural products should be at the forefront, and there’s an obligation from the retail giants to give them the opportunity to showcase and shine through. A push on whole, real foods has the power to make people healthier, happier and reduce the burden on healthcare services.


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