What we offer

At Simply Ice Cream we’re thrilled to offer our luxuriously creamy ice cream at events and parties*. As well as batch making over 30 flavours of ice cream, we also take bespoke flavour orders on request if you want something specific for your event. 

We are able to offer various tub sizes and formats, from our 120ml mini pots, to our 500ml sharing pots and larger ‘scooping’ tubs. If you need storage for the ice cream we have branded freezers available to hire, or alternatively you can hire our van (plus a member of our staff) to serve your guests. 

We have a long history of attending exhibitions and events, and our founder still runs her own successful catering business, so we have a wealth of experience to make sure your event runs smoothly with us. 

*Please note: Minimum Order Quantities are required.

For catering and events enquiries please email: [email protected]/sicf2 or Send us a message.

Our company operates with a strong, core set of values – passion, integrity, excellence, simplicity and naturalness – and has gone from strength to strength since its creation. We are continually updating our tastes and flavours, but always in keeping with the changing seasons and high standards of Simply Ice Cream.

Hire us

For catering and events enquiries please email [email protected]/sicf2 or use our contact form on our website.