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Where can I buy Simply Ice Cream?

You can buy Simply Ice Cream at selected Waitrose, Morrison’s Southern Co-op and Co-op stores throughout the South East. We are also stocked in lots of cafes, farm shops, restaurants and hospitality venues. We currently have around 450 stockists and counting. To see a full list of stockists please go to our Where to Buy page.

How do you make Simply Ice Cream?

We batch make each ice cream flavour using a base mix of 50% double cream, milk and sugar. This is what gives our ice cream such a luxuriously creamy and decadent texture. We then add fresh fruit, additions made in house like our award winning honeycomb or partner with other artisan producers. Each flavour is then mixed and potted by hand.

How much is delivery and how long does it take?

Delivery on our website is £7.50 for 6 tubs of ice cream and usually takes 3-5 working days. 

What if I’m not in when my delivery is made?

If you are located outside of our own van delivery area the ice cream comes packed in dry ice so can be left on the ‘doorstep’ safely for a little while! If we are delivering direct we will liaise with you to ensure delivery to you or a neighbour.

Do you make vegan ice cream?

Yes! We have 3 vegan ice cream flavours available (Vanilla, Strawberry & Mango). These are made using coconut milk instead of dairy milk. We also make 5 sorbet varieties which are also classified as vegan.

Does Simply Ice Cream contain gluten, egg or nuts?

Our Ice Cream doesn’t contain any egg (apart from the Lemon Curd Flavour as the curd is made with eggs). The nutty flavours contain nuts. Please refer to the ingredients list on the tub of your ice cream for a full list of ingredients or check on our product pages on the website. Most of our flavours are Gluten Free although we do have 4 or 5 flavours that contain Gluten and these are in tubs stating they contain Gluten, flavours such as Brown Bread, Christmas Pudding, Apple Crumble, Mince Pie and Gingerbread all contain Gluten.

Do you source ingredients locally?

Absolutely! We’re passionate about supporting other local food producers and British farmers. We source our milk and cream from the UK usually from South East farmers, and all our fruit from local fruit farms. We hand make the honeycomb that goes into our Heavenly Honeycomb ice cream, and we partner with other artisan producers on some of our other flavours. We use The Wooden Spoon Co to create our Lemon Curd flavour and Fudge Kitchen for our Coffee and Kentish Cobnut Fudge and Peanut Brittle flavours.

Have you received any food awards?

We have received lots of food awards! In the last 5 years we have won 34 Great Taste Awards, a Great British Food Award, Quality Good Awards and Vegetarian Awards amongst others. Check the logos next to each ice cream flavour on our product page to see what awards have been won.

How should I store and eat my Simply Ice Cream?

We recommend getting your ice cream to the nearest freezer as soon as you can after purchase. 5-10 minutes before you’re ready to eat it, it’s best to get it out the freezer and let it sit to come up to a scooping temperature. Our 120ml pots take a little less time than the 500ml size.

How many flavours do you offer?

We currently have 32 flavours (and counting) available on our website. A mixture of the classics like chocolate and honeycomb, some more speciality and seasonal flavours like cinnamon and pistachio; and our fruity sorbets and vegan varieties. 

Do you make bespoke flavours?

Yes we do! Being a small family run business we’re able to whip up new flavours for special events and seasonal occasions. Some of the bespoke flavours we’ve made include: Pumpkin, Turkish Delight, Fig & Honey, Lavender, Rose and Peanut Butter.

What size tubs is your ice cream available in?

Our ice cream comes in 120ml small pots, 500ml sharing tubs for retail and 2 litre and 4.75 litre catering/food service sizes.

How should I dispose of my Simply Ice Cream tub when empty?

Both the tub and lid can go into your recycling bin (subject to your local council waste management scheme).

What sustainability practices do you have in place?

We try and source the majority of our ingredients from local producers & farmers, and if not available in Kent we look for partners in the South East that can supply to us. 

As we make by hand we generate very little waste in the production of the ice cream, we don’t have lines and machines to clean so don’t need to use all the chemicals and cleaning agents used in batch processing production.

We plan our deliveries weekly by area keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible.

Do you cater to events and parties?

Yes, we can cater to events and parties. We offer various tub sizes and formats, from our 120ml small pots, to our 500ml sharing tubs and larger ‘scooping’ tubs for catering/food service. If you need storage for the ice cream we have branded freezers available to hire, or alternatively you can hire our van (plus a member of our staff) to serve your guests. 

Why do you have a minimum 6 tub order on your website?

It’s an expensive business sending ice cream around the country, so to make it worthwhile (and help reduce our carbon footprint) we like to send at least 6 tubs in one of our packing boxes. You can mix or match flavours or select one of our themed sets on the products page. 

What should I do if I’m not satisfied with my Simply Ice Cream experience?

If you’re not completely satisfied with your Simply Ice Cream experience please contact us on [email protected]/sicf2 and we will endeavour to make you a happy customer again. 

How can I become a stockist?

If you’d like to stock Simply Ice Cream in your café, store, deli, restaurant or hospitality venue please send an email to [email protected]/sicf2.  

How can I become a Simply Ice Cream Franchisee?

We are looking for passionate, entrepreneurial individuals who have experience working in the artisan food sector and would be interested in taking on a Simply Ice Cream franchise. We have grown a successful business in the South East and want to take this to other counties around the UK, with the help of some talented and motivated individuals. Email [email protected]/sicf2 for more information on this.